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Testosterone is responsible for raising self-confidence, feeling of masculinity, libido and the rate of building muscle mass as well as burning fat tissue. Testosterone is attractive to women, too! But what can you do if you're deficient in this vital hormone?

Testosterone boosters can help, as they naturally help increase testosterone levels in the body. The best products in this category were gathered together below. Choose a product adjusted to your needs and become a real alpha male!

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Testolan is a product that can boost testosterone to the upper limits. Interestingly, it does this completely naturally, as it has been composed from natural ingredients that affect testosterone production. Thanks to this, the product is also safe for your health.

The suplement consists of the following ingredients: fenugreek, mace, maca root, ashwagandha and 7 other ingredients, which you can read about on the manufacturer's website testolan.co.uk.

How does Testolan work?

✔️ It naturally supports testosterone production.
✔️ It adds energy and helps sculpt muscles.
✔️ It helps increase lean body mass.
✔️ It accelerates recovery after training.
✔️ It increases endurance.
✔️ It increases libido and eliminates erectile dysfunction.
✔️ It improves mood and increases self-confidence.

Testolan is an ideal testosterone booster. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from experts and customers.

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Testo Booster
Effectiveness: star star star star star
Performance: star star star star star
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The next product in our ranking is Testo Booster. Just like our favourite Testolan, this product is also based on natural ingredients. However, it contains slightly less of them.

Testo Booster eliminates the effects of testosterone deficiency. It works thanks to ingredients like saffron, maca root, ginseng, fenugreek and mace.

How does Testo Booster work?

✔️ It helps burn body fat.
✔️ It increases sex drive.
✔️ It helps build muscle.
✔️ It increases endurance.

Testo Booster is an excellent solution for men who want to increase lean body mass and enhance sexual functions. It is possible because the product inhibits erectile dysfunction and increases the appetite for sex.

The capsules can be purchased in online drugstores.

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Nugenix Total-T
Effectiveness: star star star star star
Performance: star star star star star
Safety: star star star star star star
Price: star star star star star

When writing about testosterone boosters, we cannot forget about such a product as Nugenix Total-T. According to the manufacturer, this is a product which has been developed to allow men to feel fully masculine.

The ingredients include citrulline malate, fenugreek extract, eurycoma longifolia root extract and boron. However, this is not all because it offers much more.

How Nugenix Total-T works?

✔️ It contributes to increasing testosterone in the body.
✔️ It increases sexual desire.
✔️ It improves performance in the body.
✔️ It improves overall health of the body.

Nugenix Total-T is a product with a very interesting composition that affects the male body in a multifaceted way. The product can be purchased at online drugstores and through Amazon.

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Testosterone - the most important male sex hormone

Men dream of high testosterone levels because this hormone is responsible for things like personality, libido, muscle mass and body fat levels. The list of benefits of high testosterone is much longer!

Low testosterone levels have a negative effect on men's health and make men more feminine.

Let's answer the question: What exactly is testosterone?

It is a sex hormone that is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. However, it is worth noting that this hormone is also produced in women, but it does not play a key role and there is much less of it.

Testosterone production starts during puberty. Many studies show that the level of the hormone starts to decrease after the age of 30. However, it turns out that by optimising their health, men can keep their testosterone levels consistently high, at the upper limit of normal.

What functions does testosterone affect?

It regulates sex drive, affects bone mass and the way body fat is stored.

It accelerates muscle growth and is responsible for muscle strength.

Testosterone regulates the function of red blood cell production.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone levels?

Testosterone deficiency in the male body can cause infertility. This is due to the fact that sperm is unable to reach full maturity, making fertilisation impossible.

Low testosterone levels also mean a lack of vigour, lack of energy for life, decreased mood, rapid weight gain.

Testosterone plays an important role in the psyche. It can cause lack of confidence, feelings of depression and low self-esteem.

Men who have less testosterone have significantly less body hair.

Decreased testosterone secretion not only occurs with age. Some other factors are also responsible for it. Poor diet, testicular trauma, disease, alcoholism are the main culprits for low testosterone.

Does testosterone decline with age?

Experts are warning that each generation of men has lower and lower testosterone levels. A diet that helps to keep body fat levels low can help. In addition, physical activity is important, especially strength training.

Studies show that free testosterone levels drop by about 1.6% per year after the age of 40. This results in hypogonadism. A man suffering from testosterone deficiency feels a loss of vital energy, suffers from erectile dysfunction and has reduced sexual desire. What is more, he is tired and irritable. There is also a decrease in body hair and an increase in body fat in the abdominal ares.

How to increase testosterone levels?

The effects of testosterone deficiency do not sound optimistic. Fortunately, there is good news. By making changes and optimising your health, you can enjoy high testosterone levels for life!

The levels of the most important male sex hormone depend on genes, lifestyle, diet and our physical activity. If you are the type of man who eats poorly, avoids sports, uses stimulants and leads a lazy lifestyle, you may be struggling with low testosterone levels.

Testosterone boosters

Let's start with what will most quickly negate the effects of testosterone deficiency. These are of course testosterone boosters, the effects of which can be felt after just a few days. The best products in this category are described above in our 'testosterone boosters ranking'.

Boosters are most often produced based on natural ingredients. An example is ashwagandha present in Testolan capsules. This ingredient contributes to increasing testosterone secretion and blocking cortisol, which can affect the lowering of the male hormone.

Apart from that, one of the most recognised natural boosters is mace, which can also be found in Testolan capsules.

Testosterone boosting products work regardless of lifestyle or diet.

Physical activity helps increase testosterone levels

One of the most important elements in the testosterone puzzle is physical activity.

People who regularly do strength training, for example 3 times a week, have higher levels of the hormone in their blood than people who don't train.

Strength training allows us to build muscle mass and to reduce body fat. Abdominal fat contains substances that convert male hormones into... female hormones! That's why, it's worth taking care of your body if you want to enjoy high testosterone levels.

It is also worth mentioning high-intensity training (HIIT) because increases the production of both testosterone and growth hormone.

A testosterone-boosting diet

A huge influence on male hormone production is diet. We often don't realise this, worrying only about calorie balance. Or even worse, our diet is dominated by junk food. In this situation, high testosterone levels is beyond people’s reach.

Protestosterone diet should be balanced. The menu should not lack any of the macronutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. Of course, you should also control your caloric needs. Entering a caloric deficit will adversely affect the production of hormones.

As for protein intake, it should not be less than 0.8g per kilogram of body weight. Protein is a source of valuable amino acids. It is used to build muscle mass and helps burn fat tissue. More muscle equals more testosterone.

Despite the recent fashion for LCHF diets, it is worth knowing that carbohydrates also have their impact on hormone production.

Don't be afraid of fat. If you want to enjoy high testosterone levels you should choose both vegetable and animal fats. Recommended products range from olive oil, clarified butter, coconut butter to lard.

Sleep afects the testosterone growth

Sleep is often underestimated and it turns out that it has a significant impact on testosterone production. Deep, long and relaxing sleep supports immunity, improves metabolism and facilitates functioning throughout the day. Adequate sleep also contributes to testosterone production.

How much sleep should we get? Experts recommend 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, although nowadays many people sleep much shorter. However, it is worth keeping in mind that eight hours of sleep means good health and, of course, high testosterone levels.

How does stress affect testosterone?

When we get tense, the stress hormone cortisol is released. The more stress we deal with, the more cortisol is produced. Unfortunately, the stress hormone lowers testosterone levels in the body so it's important to have a balance between the most important male hormone and cortisol.

High cortisol levels can also lead to increased appetite and the consumption of excess calories. As a result, this can increase body fat levels. More body fat means more female hormones.

But how do we avoid stress when we are exposed to it every day? It's not easy. In order to enjoy high testosterone levels, it is recommended to take care of our mental health.

Vitamin D increases testosterone levels

Vitamin D is essential, especially in our climate where most people struggle with its deficiency. It boosts immunity, helps maintain healthy as wellas strong bones and contributes to increased testosterone secretion.

How do you increase vitamin D levels in the body? To do this, you should regularly expose your body to sunlight. However, it is important to bear in mind that too much sun exposure can contribute to sunburn and accelerate skin ageing.

Vitamin D can also be supplied to the body through diet and supplementation. Eat fish or take vitamin D capsules.

Summary: Take care of your testosterone

Testosterone is a true male hormone. As you already know, it affects your sense of masculinity on many levels. It increases sexual desire, inhibits erectile dysfunction, helps produce red blood cells, facilitates muscle mass building, accelerates fat burning and regulates many other functions in the body. However, there are many more reasons to optimise health and raise testosterone levels.

When you suspect that you have low testosterone levels, you should have specialist tests done. You can also seek medical advice from a urologist or andrologist. Hormone tests may be necessary to show your full hormone profile. Sometimes a lowered libido can be caused by an elevated prolactin.

However, today we know that factors such as a healthy balanced diet and physical activity have a significant impact on testosterone production. If you want to increase its level, it is advisable to follow a broadly defined "healthy lifestyle".